PacSun :30 Spot Revised

My idea for PacSun is to open up their target audience. In order to accomplish this I am creating a 30 second commercial showing their variance in styles, their idea of fashion and their new target audience.

“A Day in the Sun”

Scene 1: MS Sun rising over ocean. PacSun sun logo fades in over sun. (Audio – Oceans waves crashing background).

Scene 2: Thirty-something blonde woman wakes up at 7am. (CU on clock, CU of woman wearing long blue dress). [Audio fades in – Best Coast – “Crazy for You”]

Scene 3: Woman walks outside, gets into old red VW Beetle with surfboard on top and puts sunglasses on. (MS when getting into car, CU when putting sunglasses on).

Scene 4: Woman shown purchasing sunglasses in PacSun. (CU of cashier pulling drawstrings tight on yellow PacSun bag).

Scene 5: MS Woman parks car next to beach and meets two friends there waiting for her.

Scene 6: Women in bathing suits running with surfboards toward ocean. (MS camera is still as they run away toward ocean).

Scene 7: Women shown buying bathing suits in PacSun.  (CU of cashier pulling drawstrings tight on yellow PacSun bag).

Scene 8: Women in shorts and tank tops walking up to beach to meet friends. (MS of them walking).

Scene 9: Women shown buying clothes in Pacsun. (CU of cashier pulling drawstrings tight on yellow PacSun bag).

Scene 10: MS Women sitting around fire on beach, laughing with friends.

Scene 11: MS Women stand up and walk back toward cars.

Scene 12: MS Camera pans up to show ocean and sun is still out.

Scene 13: Song fades out. Women smile and say “PacSun, Where the Sun Never Sets.” (CU of them leaning against old red VW Beatle).

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PacSun :30 Spot

My idea for PacSun is to open up their target audience. In order to accomplish this I am creating a 30 second commercial showing their variance in styles, their idea of fashion and their new target audience.

“A Day in the Sun”

Scene 1: MS Sun rising over ocean. (Audio – Oceans waves crashing background).

Scene 2: Thirty-something blonde woman wakes up at 7am. (CU on clock, CU of woman wearing long blue dress).

Scene 3: Woman walks outside, puts on sunglasses, and gets into old red VW Beetle with surfboard on top. (CU when putting sunglasses on, MS when getting into car).

Scene 4: Woman in bathing suit running with surfboard toward ocean. (MS camera is still as she runs away toward ocean).

Scene 5: Woman in shorts and tank top walking up to beach to meet friends. MS of her walking. (Audio – ocean waves and laughter).

Scene 6: MS Her drinking on beach with friends. (Audio – waves and laughter).

Scene 7: MS Woman puts on hoodie, says goodbye, and walks back toward car.

Scene 8: MS Camera from outside. Woman walks into bar wearing long skinny jeans and red shirt. (Audio – Music playing, friends laughing).

Scene 9: MS Camera pans up to show ocean and sun is still out. (Audio – Waves crashing).

Text: Where the Sun never sets.

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US Army Paper Edit

CPT Z: As Commanders, I think it’s important that we recognize those soldiers that need help and try to break that barrier and let them know it’s okay to come forward and ask for the help that the Army can provide them.

CPT Y: I may be a Commander, but I’m a man, I’m a husband, I’m a father, and I’ve had made my fair share of mistakes and had shortcomings. At the same time, somebody was always there to help me.

CPT Z: I’ve never seen a unit come together more than when a soldier or a soldier’s family needs help.

CPT Y: Soldiers are the heartbeat; they’re the pulse and they’re the tempo of that unit. And if that tends to skip a beat or tend to catch asthma, it’s going to show. And keeping that team healthy is most important.

CPT Y: It’s also a domino effect. Once one soldier receives help, he’s willing to help another soldier. That’s the one thing I ask of every soldier. If you see that a unit – not just me or the First Sergeant, but your section chiefs – it’s a conglomerate team. As we’re willing to help you, a soldier is going to always know more than the Command, and they’re always going to know who’s going to need help. So if they’re willing to reach out that hand to help each other, it becomes contagious.

CPT Z: And you don’t always have to talk to them from a Commander to a subordinate standpoint. You just talk to them man-to-man, and you learn a lot from your soldiers when you do that.

CPT Y: We actually, as Commanders, live for our soldiers as we do our own families. If one of my soldiers is hurt, it’s more than personal because if they’re without help, then I feel like it’s my fault or my First Sergeant’s.

CPT Z: And we will drop training at the drop of a hat to help soldiers out and their families. And that is just absolutely crucial.

CPT Z: So you ask how do we do it? Well, we have the support of our family at home, but our unit is a family. And when one of them is in trouble, we all come to their aid. And that’s how we make sure everybody is taken care of.

CPT Z: And that’s one of the great things about being in the Army. It doesn’t matter what other organization you’re in; they’re not going to support you like the Army does. And only the Army could provide this type of help for their employees.

CPT Y: There’s no science to it; it’s just a culture that once you put this uniform on, that you’re part of a family. And it’s a grand scheme of taking care of each other, leaving no man behind and your small part of the Army is taking care of your family.

CPT Z: And that saying, leave no man behind, it doesn’t just refer to when you’re on the battlefield. It refers to just as much when you’re back here at home station and your soldier needs help. You just don’t leave him out there on his own. You bring him in and you take care of him.

CPT Y: When they do need help, having an open door and a sharing ear and that it’s held in confidence, that you’ll be able to help them without them being another case — you don’t treat them like cases; you treat them like people. And you exhaust all possibilities to get him all the help that’s possible. That’s our approach.

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Old Spice & VW Reverse Engineered

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Video                                                              Audio

1. Man standing in towel in front of shower. Camera zooming in. “Hello Ladies. Look at your man, now back to me. Now back at your man, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me. But if he stopped using lady-scented body wash…
2. CU. Man pulls Old Spice Body Wash out from behind his back. And switched to Old Spice, he could smell like he’s me. Look down.
3. CU. Set changes around him. Man standing on boat. Back up. Where are you? You’re on a boat with the man your man could smell like. What’s in your hand? Back at me.
4. CU. Man lifts hand back into shot holding oyster with two tickets inside. It’s an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love.
5. CU. Oyster turns into diamonds falling out of his hand. Look again. The tickets are now diamonds.
6. CU. Old Spice Body Wash rises from his hand and the diamonds. Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady.
7. Camera zooms out. Man is on a white horse. I’m on a horse.
8. Text appears next to man. “Smell like a man, man.”

Volkswagen: The Force

Video                                                              Audio

1. MS. Little boy dressed as Darth Vader walks through hallway of house. Star Wars music playing throughout.
2. MS. Little boy tries to “use the force to turn on an exercise machine. Nothing happens.
3. MS. Tries to get dog up. Nothing happens.
4. MS. Tries to turn the washing machine on nothing happens.
5. MS. Tries extra hard to get a baby doll to come to life. Nothing happens.
6. MS. Tries to turn his moms sandwich into something else. Nothing.
7. MS. Dad pulls up in Volkswagen.
8. MS. Little boy tries his hardest and for his last time to get the car to turn back on.

9. MS. Car’s blinkers flash and car starts up. Boy jumps back away.

10. CU. Shot of VW key with automatic start button.

11. CU. Dad lifts eyebrows and smiles.

12. MS. Little boy is amazed and keeps double-taking at the car.

13. Black background. Font.

The all-new 2011 Passat.

14. Coming soon. Starting at $20,000.

15.                           VW.

Das Auto.

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iTunes v. PacSun II



The main focus is to show consumers how easy iTunes is to use and how efficiently it works. This will be done through a 30 second commercial similar to the recent iPad commercials ( After the commercial runs it will be available on the Apple website, YouTube and social media sites. This ad will be made to show that iTunes is here and it’s here to stay.


Apple has been known to be one of the top brands in the electronics category. If consumers are looking for digital downloads, iTunes is the place to do it. They are known for top-quality products, innovation and compatibility. They used cutting-edge technology to design their products that have made the users extremely happy. The iTunes brand itself has also skyrocketed to the top. Nearly everyone these days has an iPod of some sort. Mac computers also have iTunes preinstalled.


The audience Apple and iTunes attracts is 18-30 year old tech-savvy young adults. A large portion of this audience is made up of college students and graduates. The commercial is going to try to bring in new customers who do not see themselves as tech-savvy. We want to show them that Apple and iTunes is for everyone.

Content Points

The takeaway from the ad is that not only is Apple and iTunes here to stay, but mainly that both brands are for everyone. You don’t have to be a part of the Geek Squad to own a Mac. The layout is simple, and iTunes is even simpler. If the consumers want a safe way to download music iTunes is their best bet. All they have to do is plug, drag, sync.



PacSun’s main focus is to pick up new customers. The only way to achieve this is to slightly skew their image. And really, the image doesn’t change, we just want to show that PacSun is for everyone (more or less). The way to achieve this is to create a 30 second commercial as well as print ads showing the “new” style.  We just need to market a more plain, general and hip style. They have the clothing to do it, I wear it! They just need to show that they can market to someone other than the 17 year old skater kid.


The Pacific Sunwear brand is one that has been having some image issues recently. When consumers think of the brand they picture a teenager wearing a graffiti splattered t-shirt on a skateboard. We need to show consumers that PacSun is more than that. We need to show them that their clothes are hip and for a larger audience than its current one.


PacSun’s current audience is 16-24 year old teenagers and young adults. Most of which are in high school or college. This audience likes the skater look along with the mellow West Coast style. For these advertisements we need to put more of the focus onto the beach look and take away from the skater. This will be easy to do because they have the clothes to do it, we just need to show that.

Content Points

We need to show that PacSun is a company that targets 18-30 year old young adults who are up with fashion and style. We can also include that we’re hip and cheap (for lack of a better word). PacSun’s clothing is much cheaper than high name brand clothes from stores such as Macy’s. The main idea is enlarge our target audience by showing a vaster array of clothing through the advertisements.

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iTunes vs. PacSun

April 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Apple (iTunes)

This brand was my first choice to market. There are many reasons I have a lot of respect for this company. First of all, they do what they do best. They offer almost every album available for digital download. If consumers are looking for digital downloads and do not care to have the hard CD, iTunes is the company to buy from. Mostly everyone has some sort of mp3 player as the Walkman is from the stone age these days.

iTunes is most likely installed on many people’s computers. That’s a great aspect as well. Users do not even have to visit a website, they just click the iTunes Store link and it opens right in iTunes. iTunes also allows consumers to easily add their music to their iPods.  Another great aspect about iTunes is that they can target a huge audience. They can target anyone that has or wants an mp3 player whether it’s for fun, work, exercise, etc. Their only weakness is their main competitor, Amazon. This company offers digital downloads as well as hard copies. They also market other products from electronics to clothing to books. This gives iTunes a run for their money, but iTunes has a great image and a much simpler system.

Pacific Sunwear (PacSun)

This chain store is my favorite clothing outlet. Their styles fit my personality perfectly, and to be honest, I don’t know where else to buy hip clothing in West Virginia. This company has recently had a bit of a falling-off, but with the addition of new brands and styles they are on the rise again. Previously they targeted 13-20 year old kids, but now with their updated styles, they have opened their audience up to 13-25 year old young adults. Most of my classmates said they would like to see me market PacSun over iTunes.

Most of them said iTunes already has done everything perfectly and that it would be hard to come up with fresh ideas for this company. They also said they have noticed PacSun’s slow decline and that they would like to see some of the ideas I could come up with to pull them out of it. I really think I could come up with some good ideas for this company, but I love music so much I’m just geared up for iTunes. I’m going to draw out some ideas for both and see which company I can get more creative with.


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The Songbird in Mac V. PC

Throughout these ads there are several major concepts Apple wants to give the audience (the central character). They want them to know about all of the Mac features and how they are better than PC’s. But first Apple needs to know who the central character is and how to connect (target) them.

The audience they are trying to target is one that is stylish, effective, fun, compatible, easy-to-use and well thought out. The Mac is stylish in that it is hip and PC is not. It is effective in that it cannot get viruses. It is fun for the movies, music, podcasts and photo albums. It’s also compatible in that users can have either Mac OS or Windows on their Mac computer. It’s easy-to-use because it’s ready right out of the box. No downloading, no deleting, no hassle. And lastly, it’s well thought-out with features such as the built-in camera and magnetic power cord.

After knowing this about the central character, we can find the songbird in this story. The songbird is the features of the Mac. These features were built specifically for the central character. We would not even know who the central character was if it was not for the explanations of these features.

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